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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Love Letters of those receiving care from Chaplains Associates:

MidTexas Industrial Properties, Inc. is a company in Midlothian, Texas (just south of Dallas) that is in the business of automobile distribution and processing, and employs approximately 100 people.  We started using Chaplains Associates, Inc. in 2000 and believe it has been a very effective program.  Chaplains Associates operates in a very professional manner, maintains strict confidentiality, and is sensitive to the operating requirements of businesses.


We had not had a chaplain previously and were advised that it could take several weeks for the employees to get comfortable with this concept.  However, we experienced an acceptance almost from the beginning.   The program has shown our employees the company’s concern for their well being, and demonstrated our desire to adhere to a high standard of morality and ethics in the workplace.  Our chaplain is the only minister many of our employees have known and, in addition to counseling, has performed several weddings and funerals for employees and their families.

We would highly recommend Chaplains Associates to any business desiring to improve its workplace environment and provide a source of general or spiritual counseling to its employees.


Randy Denton


I wish to commend the Chaplains Associates  program. This program has been an active part of our culture for almost four years.  To say it is an overwhelming success would be an understatement.  The workplace can be a wonderful environment since it affects so many aspects of our lives. We all understand that our work life consumes more of our waking hours of our life than anything else we do. Used properly, our work can help achieve our family, social, career, physical, financial and spiritual goals. Truly the goals we achieve are dependent on the health of our soul.  The chaplaincy program is a “soul” doctor making house calls to help us with this journey. Via the instrument of our chaplain, our associates pour forth their hearts. And again, through the instrument of our chaplain, blessings are bestowed to associates and their families. As such, most of our associates are taking the steps to accomplish their heart felt goals. The result of this virtue based program is very predictable.  Our company,, with its associated families, has grown wonderfully by worldly and eternal measurements. This would not have been accomplished without the continued dedication of the chaplain who serves us with a humble spirit.   Thank you! God bless you!

Tim Hohmann

Founder and Company Captain


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