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Friday, July 12, 2024
Chaplain's Corner: 2018 Archives 

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Drone Mentality

Have you ever wished you could fly like a drone? You could hover high above the traffic, or over your favorite beach or mountain. Flying free and easy, enjoying the beauty all around. The reality is that a drone does not fly without a pilot. Someone guides its flight and cares for its safe return to the launch point. The pilot also keeps the drone fully charged and in good working order.

Now take the image of the drone and apply it to parents and children. We care for them attempt to keep them healthy, and hope they do not stray far from the path we have set. One final image is to applying it to the Creator of all humanity. We have the freedom to fly as we choose, but if we get out of range, the descent is assured.

The Family Table

Thanksgiving is more about who we have in our lives than it is about what we have. As an example, each favorite dish at a Thanksgiving table often represents someone in your life. Your Mothers stuffing, your Aunts mac and cheese or your Fathers pecan pie. It is not as much about the dish as it is about who brought it to the table. Even when their chair sits empty, the special dish continues to represent their life. That means if you have a table set for 20 or just a party of one we can be thankful. 

This year try to expand your holiday by inviting someone new to your table. Be careful not to miss the blessings that are currently in your life, because you are stuck remembering what use to be. It is a special gift when you share your story and blessings with others. When it comes to sharing the family recipes, now that is an option.

Lane Departure Systems

Some cars now have a system that alerts a driver when they are drifting out of their lane of travel. This system is a great idea for those that attempt to multitask while driving. A driver has the option to turn off the system, so they never know the system even exists. This concept is great for vehicles, but it is not an original idea.

Each of us were created with a similar system. That system is called a conscience. Our conscience is that little voice that speaks softly as we drift from the direction we were designed to travel. While our conscience continues to function, we are also created with the freedom of choice. We have the option to ignore our conscience, or turn up the noise of life so loud that we do not hear it clearly. Listen to it, and your travels may become smoother.

The Freedom of Choice

Do you have any foods that you love to eat, but avoid because of the effects they have on you? What about sports or activities that you have stopped because it takes you hours to recover from the physical challenge. The reality is that we often change because we do not enjoy the effects on our lives. The most powerful agent of change is often pain.

The same is true with habits. We can make as many resolutions to ourselves as we want, but we change when the discomfort outweighs the pleasure. I challenge you to get ahead of the pain, and remove the habits from your life that will eventually cause hurt. You will enjoy the freedom of choice immediately. 

Harvest Time

A question was asked. “If you could change anything, what would you want to change?” The person immediately started to answer and then stopped. They thought in silence for a short while. The words were slow to form as they spoke the reply. “I seem to have a negative attitude; I wish I could be more encouraging and not so negative.”

One of the truths of life is that we reap what we sow. We attract people with similar attitudes and perspectives. The good news is that each of us have the opportunity to start fresh each day. I challenge you to make the choice to encourage those around you. Soon you will be reaping the sweet blessings of encouragement.

The Story

There is something special about reading a good story, where chapter after chapter seem to fly by. You can feel the passion and emotion through the words on a page. What is your favorite story? Who is your favorite author?

Truth is that all of us are authors. We are each in the process of writing a story, our story. Yes, everybody has a story and every story is important. You were created with the power to change what tomorrow will hold. You are the unique author. So turn the page and begin a new adventure.

Fast-Paced Life

Do you know anyone that lives a fast-paced life? Is that person you? Life today is not only full, but our expectations are greater than reality. I know someone that lives such a full life their favorite radio station is scan. To add to running full speed through life, all of the activities seem to be across town. We never stop and smell the roses.

If you want to slow life down, you must be intentional about making a change. The word NO, must be returned to your vocabulary. On your calendar, you must schedule a quiet time. Find a quiet spot in nature, or even in your home to unplug for a short time. You need a quiet place to have a quiet time. Look to the stars and realize the vastness of creation, which will help put things back into perspective.

Buried Treasure

There seems to be a search for buried treasure in today’s programs. Several shows are looking for treasure deep in the ground. They are also looking in water, swamps and the forest. Who buried these items? Why did they not leave maps with a big red X so we can find them?

As humans, I guess we all have things we want buried. Harsh words from others, embarrassing moments, and words we wish we could take back, to name a few. Even when we bury them from the view of others, we know they exist. I challenge you to dig them up and throw them away. Forgiveness of others and yourself will bring healing and restoration. It will also give you a new freedom to move forward in life.

Weather Warning

Would you find it odd that weather applications are used more in bad weather than in nice weather? When the weather is nice, we do not spend time looking at the forecast. It is only when the storms are all around that we examine what is coming next. That is when the local weather stations and applications become most important.

The same is true in our personal lives. As long as we are able to handle the current life events, we never seek guidance from other people. It is when the storms come one after another and we are overwhelmed that help is sought. Just a quick reminder that the Creator of Heaven and Earth is available in both the good and stormy times.

Hiding in the Shadows

My favorite Peter Pan production opens with the struggle between Peter and his shadow. Peter’s shadow is elusive and has no desire to be controlled. At times the shadow grows way out of proportion, and at other times it hides totally from vision. Through their entire struggle the shadow never stops moving in the effort to avoid capture. It is not until Peter gets help from Windy that he is finally able to have victory. It is a fun scene to start a great story.

What if you replaced Peter’s shadow with the word depression? For those that experience depression, they know it is a lot like Peter’s shadow. I want to share that there is hope. Adding more light reduces the power of depression. You can add light by acknowledging the shadow exists, both to yourself and to those around you. Also acknowledge you might need some help sewing things back together. Reach out and reach up for the light.


Do you enjoy leftovers? Truth is that some foods improve if they have been chilling for a day. Meatloaf, stews, and soups are just a few of the meals that improve with time. Each of these meals at one point started as a unique dish. Each one had flavors and richness that only improve as time passes.

When it comes to people, there are is no such thing as a left over. We are all uniquely created, never to be tossed aside. We were created to learn how to care and enjoy the friendship of others. For some it is not easy to reach out and look beyond previous hurts and pains. With this being Valentine month I challenge you to move forward in life. You might learn that the best blessings in life are found in what you still have, and not in what you have lost. 

Everything Has Its Time

Winter is my favorite season of the year. It is true that the trees are barren, the grass is dormant and the wind can chill you to the bone. It is also true that the coffee is richer, the fireplace is mesmerizing, and soup for dinner is a must. The best part of winter is that spring will eventually arrive. There will soon be a time when the green foliage returns, the flowers will bloom, and the birds will sing there love songs. Winter will not last forever.

Are you facing a time in your life where the storms of winter seem to never end? Strength is found in knowing that spring will return. What currently feels like an unending coldness of life will soon bring new opportunities, revised hopes and dreams. Learn from the seasons of creation. Find hope and strength that winter will not last forever.

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