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Chaplain's Corner: 2012 Archives

Chaplain's Corner : 2012 Archives

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Peace on Earth and in Your Heart

Have you ever felt like your whole world was nothing but chaos at every turn? You know what I mean, problems with work, and home, and never enough hours I the day or money n the bank to solve them. That is why I love this season more than any other.  The music of life is changed if only for a few weeks. People react and respond in a kinder manner, unless shopping is involved.

One of the gifts I have learned to enjoy is peace in my heart, even in the middle of difficult times. I have discovered the peace does not come from dwelling on the problem, but on the One that holds the whole world in His hands. I pray this peace for each of you this season, and in the days ahead.

Going Home

It is that time of year when some of folks are planning trips home for the holidays. For some people going home is an anticipated time of joy and reunion. Others for one reason or another, family can be more of draining time than renewing. This is the month where we celebrate Thanksgiving. Some have a tradition of going around the room sharing things for which we are thankful. It is not easy to think of something in a few seconds it takes to become your turn that someone else has not already shared.

My challenge during this month is for you to create a list of things that you want to give thanks. It will make your turn on Thanksgiving Day much easier. You can also review the list and notice how many items are possessions, and how many are gifts from God. One of the many things I am thankful for is the family of Believers sharing their joys and sorrows with me. It is truly an honor to journey with you through life.

This is a Test, Only a Test

Can you remember a time when you were facing a big test in school? For some this may not have been too long ago. Those pre-test nerves seem to consume us as we would study and prepare. My question is: why do we need tests in the first place? In most classroom settings, testing is not about passing or failing. A test is for us to find out what we know, and what we still need to learn.

What about in the tests and trials of life? Those tests help us learn to prioritize what is important, and what can wait. They help us learn what we have control over and what wants to control us. As voice of experience when the tests come and they will, just lift it in prayer.  Follow that with simply doing your best.

Time for A Remodel?

Have you ever been involved in a home or office remodel? It is not normally a pleasant time. First the workers take want a normal environment and destroy it. This causes a total mess in what use to be a calm setting. The next step is for the new construction to begin. Even when you know what the final product is going to look the framework never makes sense. When complete however, the new setting is pleasant and you enjoy the return to normal.

Each of us goes through these times in our lives. The remodel can come in the form of health issues, death of friends or family, or family situations. As we go through these trials remember you are growing as a person and family. Hold to those around you a little tighter, knowing at the end peace will return. Also know you never walk alone.

Our Favorite Phrases

The results are in. A study was done, the answers were tabulated we now know the top three phrases people want to hear.  The number three phrase is: ‘Suppers Ready.’ It is a phrase that means everyone has arrived and we are ready to fellowship around food. Phrase number two on the list is: ‘I Forgive You’. What a powerful comment from one person to another. Forgiving others releases us from the bondage of not forgiving. It is more healing for us as forgivers, than the one we forgive.

The number one phrase is: ‘I Love You.’ The word love here is not like you love a sports team or the town you were born in. When you say I love you from your heart, you are saying more than just words. If you say it without desiring anything in return it is even more powerful. If you need a model of this love, just look to the Creator.

What is Reality Anyway?

It seems that most television programming now have a ‘reality’ theme. There are a lot of reasons that producer’s choose that form of programs. The major reason is the cost is very cheap. My point for you to remember: reality TV is not reality. These shows have producers that direct events to make it more entertaining.  Also remember that in reality TV there is almost always a camera crew.

Living in the real world there is no one to ever call ‘cut’ or ‘take two’. There is also no editing to delete a wrong reaction to events. Reality is at times painful and makes it difficult to even get out of bed some mornings. That does not mean that there is no hope or opportunities to start over in the real world. Accepting when I fail at something is a chance to try again. Failure redirects my journey so that I continue a little wiser than before. As for hope, that is found by simply looking to the Creator of heaven and earth.

Are You a Balanced Person?

Think with me if you would for just a moment. Consider the following areas of life and decide which one is your weakest area? The areas are: Family, Physical, Financial, Social, Spiritual, or Career. For some of us it is an easy decision. All six of these areas have an important place in being a balanced person. Deciding to just ignore an area of life does make it just go away.

My challenge is a simple three step process. First you need to pick the two weakest areas of your life. The second step is to set out a plan of how to strengthen them. The final step is to put your plan into action. If I can help or be resource please do not hesitate to drop me an email.

Communication of Today

There are so many ways for people to communicate in today’s world.  Party lines have been replaced by Facebook. Home phones have been replaced by smart phones that have more computing capacity than an Apollo space rocket. Email has replaced snail mail, and texting has replaced general conversation. I have actually witnessed people in the same room texting each other instead of talking. Have we lost the personal touch with other people?

I am blessed in so many ways, one being I am able to see on occasion the best communication of all. I get to watch as people talk without words, they speak heart to heart. It happens between a mother and her newborn child. I have also seen it around a hospital bed between siblings as a parent lays ill. Most recently it occurred between a sweet couple that was celebrating their 63rd anniversary.  It is the most loving communication of all. My heart’s desire is to have that same communication ability with the Creator of heaven and earth.

Stress What Stress!

There is no doubt that most people in today’s workplace feel they are a tiny bit stressed. Most of the stress in our life is over issues where we have zero control.  From big city traffic, to major world events, there is not much that we can do to change these things. What you need to decide is how much effort you want to spend on things you have no power over.

The prayer of serenity may need repeated. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.” Another option I found printed on a billboard off I75. “Let it go!”

Deeper Roots are Important

I understand from those that are gifted with growing plants or reviving plants that I have owned, that winter is an important season. It is during winter that the roots of the plants are the focus of growth. During this dormant season the plant deepens its roots system into the earth. With a deeper root system the plant will not only be stronger, but is able to absorbed more nutrients during times of drought.

When we go through times of adversity in our lives, it is an opportunity to grow deeper and stronger. When adversity come to a box turtle it pulls itself back into its shell and hides, hoping the problem will pass. An eagle however takes flight during storms and is able to look at the danger from great heights. A different perspective can often show us different options we had not considered. When adversity comes in my life I am learning to look up to the Creator the one with the best perspective of all.

A Love for February

It is already February again, the month filled with love and chocolate candy. We are no more getting all of the treats out of the house from the holidays, and here comes another wave of sugar filled snacks. You can look in any store around town and find red and pink refills for your candy jar. That leaves me with the question, where do we go to get a refill of love? I am not referring to our love for chocolate; I am talking about our love for those around us. As we love those in our circle of friends and family it depletes our storehouse of love and caring. I am also aware that some people will drain you quicker than others. As I was traveling over Lake Lanier the other day I think I received my answer.

Winter in Atlanta means a lot of things; one is the refilling of Lake Lanier. Man in all his wisdom believes we are able to have control over anything we want to have control over. All summer long the lake level drops and we hope for rain that always seems to elude the North Georgia area. My thought is that while we open the gates of our heart rationing our love, we must wait on the Creator to refill that love just like God refills the lake.  When that filling does happen we can look forward toward not only a full pool, but a cup overflowing.

Hide and Go Seek

For many of us the phrase “ready or not here I come” may bring a slight smile to our face. This is especially true if you were not the one yelling those words of announcement. On a rainy day these games were played around the house.  They were also played on a large scale involving the entire neighborhood during the summer. The task was to wait quietly until you heard the words, “Olly-Olly Oxen in free.” At that point you survived that round and were not ‘IT’ for the next round.

The start of a new year is traditionally the time to proclaim, olly-olly oxen free over many areas of our lives. Eating habits, exercises, and reconnecting to old friends, are just a few examples. It is an opportunity to modify old routines and begin with a fresh start. One area I would like to challenge you to consider improving is your spiritual journey. I try to start each day with a new beginning and a better walk with the Creator of heaven and earth who is always saying “Come to me”.

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