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Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Imagine if you will a cold blustery day with winter precipitation falling outside. You stand looking at the silent scene sipping on a warm beverage and taking in the quiet moment. There are things that need done but at this time none of them are important. You are engulfed by a cocoon feeling of what is home. It is a wonderful moment and you want to enjoy every second. There may be lights and gifts and holiday events, but none of those are the reason for this time of reflection. It is a rare eddy of time in your busy life.

Times like this are the reason we enjoy this season. They are moments when our mind, soul and spirit are all at peace with each other. It is a miraculous moment in time of true peace on earth. I pray each of experience moments of true peace and joy regardless of the chaos of life. Allow that special peace to engulf you like a warm blanket, then share that peace with others.

Model Or Mentor

It is that time of year where we seek to offer thanks for all the blessings in our lives. This year, try to think about people who have invested in your life as a mentor. Not a model, a mentor. There is a huge difference between the two. A person that is a model style teacher wants the end result to look like something else that already exists. A mentor works from the inside out with who you are at your core.  They have made mistakes in life, but learned from them. Their gift to others is passing that life lesson forward. If you think of a special teacher in your life, they were mentors.  

So take time to thank those special people this month. The next question is who in your life are you mentoring? Get involved and share your knowledge with others. One of the lessons of life is that the important values cannot be modeled, they require mentoring.

Drop Your Defense

It is the time of year for festivals, tailgating and the changing of leaves. The reality is we can do all of this without ever talking to another person. People today are more socially active then we have ever been. At the same time we are relationally bankrupt. It has been observed we use our electronic devise as our first line of defense. Once a conversation starts, our device is out and ready to divert our attention at a moment’s notice.

The same is true when we sit on a beach or on the porch of a mountain cabin. We have all the breathtaking beauty of creation in our sight. Instead of thanking the Creator we give thanks that we can connect to the World Wide Web. I challenge you to spend time in conversation with a real person. It might become a new way of life.

Warning Light

What is your reaction when your check engine light ignites on your dashboard? Some seek immediate attention. Another response is adding it to your ‘to do’ list. I know one person that covers the light so they do not see it. The reality is it needs to be acknowledged and addressed.

There are also warning lights in our relationships. Some are subtle, while others are blatant and bright. How do you respond? Relationships take work, they need continual maintenance. This is important for those we live with, and those we encounter each day. So be alert for the warning lights, both earth and from Heaven.

The Unopened Gift

Imagine if you will someone with such great love that they place gifts all through your day. This is done with a hope that the gifts are seen and acknowledged. Each day the gifts are placed and each day the gifts are often ignored. Now imagine that you are the recipient, and the Creator of heaven and earth is the one offering you the gifts. At this point you can leave the realm of imagination and return to reality.

Some of my favorite gifts come wrapped as a sunrise, a summer storm, and walks on the beach. They can also be found in the innocence of a little child or a meal with a friend. Thank you God for all of your gifts. Even those that I have never opened and acknowledged. 

Pears of Wisdom

I am a person who keeps a personal journal. One of the parts of my journal is simply titled pearls of wisdom. This month I wanted to share some of my favorite pearls with you. These are from different sources, and cover several years of journaling; some are from current authors, while others are ancient truths.

It is better to be merciful than to be correct.


If you judge people, you have no time to love them.


Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you’ll understand what little chance you have in trying to change others.”

I encourage all of you to keep a journal and write down your own pearls of wisdom.  
Keep them safe and over time draw them back out when needed.

Super Hero

Who is your favorite super hero? Do they wear a cape, or live in a cave? Another option is that they are part of an athletic team. They may throw, kick, or hit a ball of some form. Hero’s seem to be at every turn. For me, none of the above descriptions come even close to the hero’s I see every day.

A hero for me is that person that is self-winding and just gets the job done. The job will seldom fit into a nine to five time frame. The job may include an aging parent, or special needs child. It often involves self-sacrifice that will never be noticed or acknowledged. I see you in the workplace every day. These are my hero’s and I just wanted to say thank you for all you do.

What Do You Have In Storage

There are some reality shows that truly make me sad. Many of these shows surround the topic of a mass acumination of things. Shows where people have become frozen in time and place as a result of the storage of products. The objects have become an occupation instead of a possession. The interesting part is they can often tell you where they acquired each item.

What do you have in storage? I am thinking about emotional baggage. How often when you are in a heated discussion do you have a storehouse of baggage you can unpack? Things that even come under the forgiven category resurface. You can also tell anyone interested exactly when and where things originated. It may be time to call in a dumpster and toss it. Like the hoarder, this baggage can freeze us in time and place.

Blessing of Spring

One of the blessings of spring is the weather can be different every day. Some days will be a glimpse of summer soon to be, while the next day can be reminder of the passing winter. When the clouds appear please remember that above those clouds is a beautiful shining sun. For a short time, the suns warm rays may not pierce through the clouds, but the blessing is that tomorrow is soon to arrive.

The same is true with the problems of life. You might feel there is no hope and the clouds of life will never leave. Reality is that there is hope and there is a bright and shinning tomorrow. Hold on and reach out to those around you that love you even when you lose. 

Keep Making the Deposits

Would it be acceptable to you if someone made a deposit into your account at least once a week? Everyone could find a way to enjoy that weekly deposit. This article is not about money, instead it is about words of encouragement. Each time we speak words of encouragement into a person’s life it leaves a positive balance that can go a long way. With a bank account there are always more withdraws than there are deposits. The same is true with our personal lives. One positive comment can cover several negative statements.

I have wonderful news, compliments do not cost a single penny. For some it may require practice, but the result is well worth the effort. I challenge you to try encouraging not only friends and coworkers, but when you look in the mirror each morning. 

Love and Orange Juice

Have you ever eaten an orange straight from a tree? It is pure dripping down your face goodness. It is not concentrated, the pulp is included and the vitamins you receive are not artificial. February is a month were love is a month long theme. How much of the love in our lives today is a process of work rather than pure honest relationships?  As people we tend to bring our old failed relationships into our new relationships. We are also good at is building walls so that “no one will ever do that again.” Like the orange juice in the market, we process our love it until it is so artificial that the shelf life is only weeks long.

So where is there honest and pure love today? I know one source that deals only in reality and truth.  All hope, faith and love that come from God are pure and very real. God does not depend on the views or opinions of those around us, it is purity defined. So if you are looking for the real thing, just look above.


No I am not going anywhere, I am just saying goodbye to last year. As we say hello to the New Year we are forced to close out the previous year. The same is true with any new goals we set. You are not able to have a new diet or exercise plan, without saying goodbye to your old diet or personal downtime. I guess you can try, but I can promise you will not be successful.

The same is true in many areas of our life. Real forgiveness requires the releasing of your desire for revenge. New dreams for your life, require modifying your former dreams. In short we are not able to enjoy the beauty of a sunrise without a time of darkness. Embrace the dark, a new day is on the horizon.

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